Poems of the Week recorded by Wachusett Recording Co.

Curt Curtin was long known in Massachusetts for his deep gravelly voice and excellent command of poetry as a spoken art form. In 2018, Curt began to lose his vision due to macular degeneration, so his wife and other poets began to help with his public readings. At the end of that year, fellow poet and colleague, Susan Roney-O’Brien, told him about the Wachusett Recording Co.

in Princeton, MA, run by Michael Harmon. Well-known for recording excellent musicians, Mike had also begun recording poets. He developed a unique technique for poets with visual impairments whereby Curt’s wife was able to read the poems one line at-a-time and Curt then recited them back as he would normally have done for a reading. A master editor, Mike Harmon then spliced together the lines, creating a seamless recording of key poems in each of Curt’s collections. It is because of Mike’s patience and technical skill that we have an extensive library of poetry in Curt’s own voice.[If you are looking for recording assistance, Curt’s wife, Dee O’Connor, highly recommends that you consider contacting Mike Harmon: mike@wachusettrecording.com; http://wachusettrecording.com.%5D

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