About Curt

Curt G. Curtin

I’ve put out three chapbooks and have many individual poems published in journals and anthologies. In 2010, I was the first recipient of the Worcester County Poetry Association’s Frank O’Hara award for poetry and in 2019 won second place in the annual contest of the Connecticut Poetry Society. I’ve been a featured reader in many poetry venues in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and twice in Ireland. I taught college English and creative writing at Westfield State University for 20 years.

I’m a lifelong poet, born and raised in Boston, Mass. In my 20s, I spent a winter living alone in the Berkshire woods; I was reading and re-reading the only book in the cabin, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. I wrote many poems during that time but at the end of the winter I burned all that I had written up to that point.

Curt Curtin on Boston Common

For Art’s Sake is my first full-length collection and my most recent collection, Kerry Dancers, became available in early 2021. Several other collections in the works deal with science, humanism, spirituality, nature, and human suffering; I’m also working on two books of poetry for children.

I currently live in Worcester, Mass. with my wife of 40 years, Dee O’Connor. Among many other acts of love, she is now acting as my publicist and reader, since I have become legally blind.

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