Kerry Dancers

Kerry Dancers is a very personal collection, focused on my family background and experiences growing up as a first-generation Irish-American in South Boston. There I went regularly to the Irish County Clubs where I absorbed the music, rhythm, dance, and stories. In the book you’ll hear many stories about my Da, several others about Ma and my siblings, and a special tribute to my Aunt Nora who presided over the St. Patrick’s day celebrations since her home was right near the parade route. One poem tells a true story about the time that my father walked out from the parade crowd to shake the hand of the infamous and well-loved Mayor James Michael Curley who won his reelection from jail. I still have my mother’s copy of The Purple Shamrock which was given to her by James Michael himself.

Copies of Kerry Dancers are available at independent bookstores including:

  • Annie’s Book Stop (Worcester)
  • Bedlam Books (Worcester)
  • Tidepool Books (Worcester)
  • Booklover’s Gourmet (Webster)
  • The Book Loft (G.Barrington)

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